An Easy Guide to convert PSD file to Magento

Convert PSD file to Magento

With the rise in competition, there is a bundle of players who are competing in the market to survive. Therefore, every business is aiming to offer an incredible experience to its users. In order to meet the expectation of your eCommerce customers, it has become necessary to offer an incredible experience to the users. Thus, several eCommerce website owners convert their Photoshop document (PSD) to Magento. It certainly takes the business to the next level.

psd to magento

Here is an easy guide in 5 effective steps for PSD to Magento conversion. You may hire a Magento Developer for the same; he can assist you in the conversion process.

1. Preparing the PSD file

To begin with Magento conversion from PSD file, it becomes crucial to prepare the PSD file first. It can be done by using Adobe Photoshop image editing software. To begin, focus on the design which you wish to appear on the screen. Take a paper and a pencil and draw it roughly and then proceed to make the final decision. It is always better to plan according to your web requirements. Focus on its colour, font, and logo to make a clean PSD design and thus resulting in making a perfect Magento theme.

2. Slicing PSD Files into Layers

It is crucial to slice the PSD image into multiple layers as it is in the form of a single image. It is again a crucial step in the conversion process. It is performed by UX designers wherein s/he partitions the PSD image into different parts to encode effectively.

3. HTML and CSS conversion of PSD

In the third step of this conversion process, we convert the static PSD file to HTML and CSS formats. It can be performed by your own if you have the basic knowledge of HTML involving some manual coding. Now to proceed, code them with CSS for styling these images. Now save the file as index.html and style.css if you have coded with HTML and CSS respectively.

4. Magento Integration

Now you can proceed with Magento admin after completing your coding. The next important step is to make the responsive Magento theme visible on varied screen and device without troubling. You can even make directories on the server if you want to avoid creating other elements from the website.

5. Add relevant data and test the store

This is the last step in the Magento conversion process from PSD. You can proceed to add data, image, categories, description from the static PSD design to your eCommerce store. Check all the functions to avoid any discrepancies in the functioning of your eCommerce store. Just whether it is cross-browser and mobile compatible smoothly or not.

These were the steps involved in converting PSD to Magento. It is a result orientated and cost effective methodology. I hope you can now convert your PSD design to Magento easily.

convert psd to magento



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